Explore the plaza with our new book!

As a nod to family-owned H.G. Hill Realty Company’s appreciation of nature and the outdoors, the company unveiled a book for Hill Center Brentwood that ties in the bronze statues located in the plaza. Created by Stuart, Florida-based Sculptor Geoffrey Smith, the statues include a boy reading a book sitting next to the fountain and two herons within the fountain.

The company added additional statues and created a fun way for children to explore and learn about native Tennessee wildlife. “Outside All Around, A Wildlife Seek and Find.” The coloring book begins at the statue of the boy reading a book and tells the story of his love of nature and exploring the outdoors. His story takes readers along on his journey around the center’s plaza to discover six additional hidden statues.

Nashville-based children’s book illustrator Mary Reaves Uhles created the art for the book and local children’s book author and musician Layne Ihde is the author. “I was delighted to be asked to develop the narrative for the children’s book and scavenger hunt,” said Ihde. “H.G. Hill Realty Company demonstrates that it is possible to weave in nature and artistic sensibilities into man-made spaces. It was a joy to write and I encourage everyone, adults and children alike, to read the book.”

Print out a copy, explore the plaza and see if you can find all the animals! Click here to download and print the book: Outside All Around Printable HCBW


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